We have arranged a remote training program about how to use the Bruker Paravision 360 software for our 14T scanner.  A total of 3 training sections have been delivered by Bruker engineers to cover key topics.

Below is the meeting record of the training sections. Hope that this training program will serve as an initial step to promote our 14T scanner usage to all exciting research projects. It will be even more inspiring to explore the 14T translational potential and applications based on our preclinical scanner!

The brief introduction of the training:

  • 1 ParaVision Introduction  This will be useful for new and experienced users alike. Users will learn how to start a new study, build a scan program, adjust parameters, and save user protocols. We will also cover basic image viewing and analysis tools.
  • 2 Relaxometry  This session will review the basic image acquisition and viewing workflow. We will introduce the Image Sequence Analysis Tool for generating parametric maps.
  • 3EPI and Shimming  Users will learn how to optimize acquisition parameters to minimize geometric distortions and ghosting for EPI acquisitions. We will discuss how to set higher-order shims based on a localized ROI.
  • 4 Diffusion
  • Advanced Applications Examples
    • Contrast-enhanced perfusion
    • Arterial Spin Labeling
    • Spectroscopy
    • fMRI