Multi-modal neuroimaging in animal brains

a) Implement the MRI/EEG/calcium recording methods to specify brain state
fluctuation correlated to pupil dynamics in awake rodents
b) Target specific nuclei with deep brain optogenetic stimulation methods to study
circuit-specific brain state neuromodulation.
c) Develop an advanced fiber-optic imaging device for MRI compatible concurrent
brain dynamic signal recordings, e.g., Ca2+, Glutamate, dopamine, and other

Advanced fMRI and computational method development

a) Develop and optimize the high spatiotemporal fMRI method with high field MRI
b) Advanced resting-state fMRI analysis method development based on the neural
network-based learning schemes. (being familiar with recurrent neural network
design and implementation, e.g. ESN, GRU, et al.)
c) Machine learning-based multi-modal brain signal dynamic signal analysis, e.g.
LFP, Calcium, fMRI, pupil dynamics, et al.